October 9, 2022

The Trauma Prayer

by Ashley Jensen in Blog, Christianity, Healing, LIFE, Struggles

Over the last few years, I’ve been understanding the effects of trauma on my mind, my emotions, and ultimately how it affects decisions. Regardless of who you are, at some stage in life, we have experienced trauma. Recently, I’ve had some experiences showing the unhealed results of trauma in my own life. If you’re like me, you don’t want anything to have control over your life except the Holy Spirit. So I have been aggressive about my healing. Part of this process is a beautiful prayer sent to me from a friend by Pastors Jim & Pat Banks. As I listened to the prayer I was overwhelmed with how many things they prayed for and how much each applied to my own life. I’ve been falling asleep to this prayer almost every night but inevitably I get woken up by the music or when Pat starts praying or the end when the music gets louder. (Yes I’m a light sleeper lol) The original prayer is so powerful and can be found here. But I felt led to recreate it in my voice. There’s nothing more potent than you praying for yourself. I did want to make it available to you as well. The SoundCloud file is above and there are options for direct download in the top right corner.

My hope is that this prayer ministers healing to your soul from the devastating effects of trauma.