April 6, 2015

The Day After

by Ashley Jensen in Blog, Christianity, COMMUNICATE, LIFE

The day after the biggest event of your life is the most important day of your life.

Because the next thing that you do with what happened at that event determines the impact of that event. The day after Easter everything goes on sale… chocolate, baskets, plastic eggs, cheap colored tinsel; all of it is on sale. The commercialized day of Easter has passed but what has happened in our hearts? It makes me wonder about this event we celebrate called Easter. Many people go to church not knowing God on Easter and by the end of a powerful experience in God’s presence they now have a relationship with God. The day after is what’s important. I bet the disciples had many things to do on Monday after Jesus said rose from the dead. I’m absolutely positive they did not go about life is normal they didn’t go about life as usual. They were on a mission they had things to do with us the book of Acts begins. What does our Monday look like? Do we have the same attitudes, behaviors, and habits? Are we living the exact same way we did on Easter Sunday before “the Christian Super Bowl” of all Sundays? Or are we like the disciples on Monday do we have a new spirit within us? Are we actively seeking out the lost to try to connect them to Jesus? Do we have the Holy Spirit power with living within us so that our lives look different and feel different so that we act different. For me I’ve always loved Easter Sunday but it’s the day after that counts.

Likewise, the day after the worst event of our life is key. What we do on that day is what matters most. When we experience failure of some sort, death of a dream, or a divorce, whatever devastation that occurs, what we do the next day is key. It’s vital the first thing we run to isn’t the bar or the bottle but it is our Savior. The same risen Savior on Easter is the same risen Savior on the day after the worst day of our life and we have the ability to access that power.

I’ve always loved great events but the day after that great event, I’m looking forward to something else. I’m pushing towards the next thing. Is there a longing in my soul for that next big event? I talked about the healing of the soul in my last post. Anytime we’re looking towards or for something else trying to fill an unmet need, it means that there’s something in our soul that is not healed properly. Whenever were seeking after something other than God and His Spirit it means that our soul is longing. God doesn’t want our soul longing he only wants our heart.

So on this week after Easter, I challenge you to do something with the experience of the risen Savior!

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Please leave your thoughts if you feel led and let’s continue the conversation! May God bless you!

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