June 27, 2013

Our Next Step!

by Ashley Jensen in LIFE

We hope you’ve had an awesome week! We wanted to fill you in on our next steps as we get closer to moving to Phoenix.

Stephanie and I have been at the Association of Related Churches (ARC) training for the past week in Birmingham, Alabama and it has truly been awesome. We’ve been learning from some world-class leaders such as Chris Hodges and the ARC launch team. We’ve completed our assessments and the ARC has fully gotten behind us as an ARC church plant.

Do you know what this means?

It means we have been chosen to have the ARC match us funds of up to $30,000 for our upcoming church launch! That means any gift we receive from you, the ARC will match it!

Do me a favor and pray about what gift you can give to help us launch large and then take the next step and make a commitment of 6 or 12 months. We truly appreciate your help!

Make sure to check out the video and the site!


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