August 30, 2008


by Ashley Jensen in Blog, Christianity, Family, LIFE

Another observation from life…I’m out here catching some rays on a beautiful Saturday and my wife and I bought this little kiddie pool for our girls. We aren’t rolling in dough yet so our version of a ‘pool day’ looks kinda like the trailer edition of Cribs… lawn chairs and kiddies pools… our poor neighbors. As I am feeling my skin bake and enjoying the sound of family, I hear a loud, very pronounced, “MARCO!” followed by an equally enthusiastic “POLO!” I look over at my kids and they are playing Marco Polo in a pool only about 6ft wide in diameter. Catch the picture… playing Marco Polo in a kiddie pool.

At first I laughed, but then I thought about how many of us as Christians don’t see the big picture… we just don’t get it. We don’t get how big God is, we don’t get how important the Great Commission is, and we just continue to play Marco Polo in a kiddie pool. This picture represented to me that we can be so spiritually inept that we miss the greatness all around us. We continue to be spiritually blind and stay in our 6 foot round pool of life, never venturing into the “BIG” pool to really reach out and to really stretch our faith. Who knows?… maybe I am the only one that needs to hear this but I think we could all look in our backyard and see ourselves playing Marco Polo in our own little, tiny, small kiddie pool in our own little way.

Anybody ready to jump in the “BIG” pool?

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