December 16, 2013

Dream Encouragement

by Ashley Jensen in Dreams

Encouraging the dream of another person is like rocket fuel for their soul.

I’ve found that when someone encourages us in our dream it gives us a fire to keep going forward even in the most uncertain situations. On a similar note, I found that criticism in our dream can make the realization of that dream all the more harder. When you have someone in your corner, cheering you on in the fulfillment of your dream, it comes with encouragement, accountability, and a new sense of determination. The best way to experience our dreams is to help others reach theirs. Check out these tips on encouraging the dreams of others…

1. Encourage the person and the dream.
The point is people. When we encourage people in their gifts and abilities it adds value to them. This is our goal, adding value to others.

2. Be a helper not a hinderance.
Building someone else’s dream isn’t about building their dream for them, it’s about contributing what you can. It may be finances, a person they need to meet, or anything that you have to offer. What ever it is, make sure it’s a help and not a hinderance.

3. Be a DreamBuilder not a DreamBreaker.
This is key. Some of us have a tendency to be negative. Make sure to come up with reasons why another person’s dream will succeed instead of voicing the reasons why it could fail.

Speaking of encouraging the dream of another. I want to introduce you to  a great friend of mine. His name is Pastor Aaron Maners, he was my first youth pastor and is an executive board member for us at Victorious Church. I’m excited about this next season for Aaron because he is currently writing and self-publishing his first book called Weeds of the Mind. I am confident this book is going to help so many people and I’m asking that you would take a moment and check out his Kickstarter page to learn more about this great project and see how you can be involved.

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