December 4, 2013

Diligent Dependence

by Ashley Jensen in LEAD

This post is derived from a conversation I recently had with my pastor, Ashley Evans. He challenged me to think about being highly diligent yet hopefully dependent. It’s an interesting concept because it sounds like an oxymoron. If we are diligent in ourselves then why do we need to be dependent on God? Or vice versa, if we are dependent on God then what’s the use of being diligent in ourselves?

Well the answer isn’t “either/or” it’s “and/both”. Check out these four principles about this concept…

1. Being highly diligent without divine dependence is arrogance.

This principle has driven many a leaders into the ground. They find themselves burnt out and depleted because they are carrying a workload they weren’t designed to carry. It’s an unknown arrogance that leaders may posses to think they can do the work of the ministry without depending on the God of the ministry.

2. Being hopefully dependent without high diligence is laziness.

This principle is what over-spiritual leaders live by. Instead of taking responsibility and doing the work of the ministry they sit on their couch wanting to God to breakthrough and do it for them. Unfortunately this is not how it works. We are called to be co-laborers. Keyword being… labor!

3. Diligence without dependence produces temporal results.

Diligence without dependence isn’t an entirely terrible thing. It will produce results that can be positive but our goal isn’t positive results, it’s spiritual fruit.

4. Diligence and dependence produces eternal results.

In order to produce the eternal, our diligent efforts must be met with a supernatural faith in God. This is the delicate balance of high diligence and hopeful dependence.


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