I love the concept of being “next” for something. No matter where I have been in life, I’ve always had to wait in line and wait for my turn. I’ve found it doesn’t matter how old you get, this never goes away. Being “next” for something is exciting. Being next in line for a promotion, next in your family to get married, being next in line at Dairy Queen, being the next in line for something awesome is an exhilarating feeling. Being next implies that your time is coming. Your time of waiting is over. We all hate waiting… well read this post and this one too… they might help πŸ™‚ …but yeah, we all hate waiting so when it is our turn we get excited, we get all pumped up!

We all seem to struggle with feeling left out from time to time but the fact is God is the Father of all. He has blessings reserved just for you. I think maybe we struggle with a spiritual form of FOMO. That’s right… FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out. We look at social media and Instagram and see how God is blessing someone or a certain family or whatever and we seem to think that God has forgotten about us but let me tell you! God has not forgotten about you! You are not missing out! God doesn’t just have one blessing for someone and nothing for another! He is an infinite God with infinite blessing, possibility, and opportunity that He can open up just for you!

You have not missed out, your time has not passed, and God has not forgotten about you! I’m going to be crazy enough to proclaim that, “YOU’RE NEXT!” Your time is coming. Keep yourself and your heart right before God. Not in a self-righteous-rule-following kind of way but in a I’m-trusting-God-with-everything kind of way. You can’t earn God’s blessing but you can experience it by walking in the fruit of the Spirit. When we produce the fruit of the Spirit, God’s blessing just chases us down. You won’t be able to get away from God’s blessing when you walk in the fruit of the Spirit!

This week, I want you to say this over yourself and your life…

“I am not forgotten. God has specific blessings just for me this week. This is my time. I’m next!”

I’m believing and trusting God with you that your best days are ahead of you and your time is now!


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