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    For Churches

    The local church is where Jensen:Creative was birthed. It was born out of a passion to make the church the most innovative, creative, and excellent place possible and we have the most important message to communicate! We understand that most churches don’t have the ability to staff a creative team and that’s why we can be your creative team whenever you need it.

    We can market and help grow your church in many different ways including:
    • Message Series Branding
    • Giving Campaigns
    • CD/DVD Packaging
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Invitation Cards

    We believe God gives each church a divine strategy for reaching people and we can help you discover that strategy and implement it in the most effective and economical way available.

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    For Organizations

    As a business there must be a strategy in place to help reach new clients and retain current ones. We can help discover, develop, and design a marketing strategy that will help you connect with consumers in a new and fresh way. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we can help you think creatively on how to market your product or service in an innovative way.

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    For Individuals

    “People buy into the leader, then they buy into the vision.” – John C. Maxwell

    If you are a speaker, author, musician, or influencer in any arena you must understand that perception determines reception. How people perceive you is how they receive you. Jensen Creative can help brand you and your message in a way that will help people perceive you in the right way.


We can work on almost any budget. Get in contact with us and let us know how we can help you. Our goal is to serve our clients at any cost!


We aim to please. We typically don’t have revision limits because we want you more than happy with the final outcome of your project.


If you can dream it, we can probably build it. We take the limits off of creativity and help you with more than fads. We want you to be effective!




Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.30.38 PMPrint Design
Print design is the foundation and starting point for creative communication. At Jensen Creative we can design anything for print application. Whether it’s apparel, brochures, or billboards, we can communicate your message with excellence.

Web Design
The internet is constantly changing but one thing remains the same… you need a website. What your website is saying could make or break your first impression. These days before anybody meets you, they meet you online. At Jensen Creative we can make sure your online presence is a great first impression and can communicate your message clearly and creatively.

Video Production & Photography
A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture… well quite a few more. In this digital generation, having quality photography and video is a must in order to communicate your message well. Avoid the white noise of everyday webcams and cell phone head shots; at Jensen Creative we can set you up with HD quality video production and photography that will create an irresistible statement.

iPhone, iPad, Android Apps & Mobile Web Development
As technology pushes forward, the platform of mobile computing will continue to grow. The question you need to ask is will you stay on the bleeding edge of technology or sink into the shadows of obscurity? Having a strategy for a mobile platform is not only becoming more popular, it’s becoming essential. We can help create an app or mobile website that will help keep you communicating to a mobile generation.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.30.22 PMBranding
Branding has become a popular buzzword lately but the bottom line with branding is you want to make a permanent impression. Whether it’s a sermon, product, or a campaign, we can help you develop a brand that will last.

Your clipart logo, isn’t a logo. We know that sounds brash and offensive but it’s true. Your logo needs to represent you well and just settling for anything won’t do your organization justice. At Jensen Creative we can design a logo that truly communicates the uniqueness of who you are.

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Social Media
Nobody is a social media expert… but we can provide social media training and a strategy to provide a larger platform to help you reach more people. Social media is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get the word out about your cause and we can help make it happen.

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