Growth Weekend

[text]If you are a pastor or church leader then you understand the tension and pressure of growth. Maybe you have heard things said in different conferences, “It’s God’s church and He’ll bring the growth.” or “Healthy things grow.” Those are great one-liners but aren’t the kind of statements that bring much peace or help us sleep at night. They may be true… or not but regardless, as the pastor, you feel the weight of those statements. Ashley has been there and he can help. The Kingdom of God is made up of strategic relationships and God aligns people to help us and partner with us to reach our goals and fulfill our destiny and purpose. Ashley understands what it takes to help local churches grow. He’s been a church planter, lead pastor, and a support staff member so he has unique insight in helping you understand how to navigate the challenges that come with seasons of plateau and seasons of growth.[/text]

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[text]A Weekend of Growth is two days of ministry with Ashley. According to your schedule, you pick a Saturday & Sunday or a Sunday & Monday and Ashley will not only speak during a Sunday service¬†but spend a day with you and your team. This day will consist of training in the areas of marketing, finances, and leadership. Building a lasting relationship is high on our list and we look forward to connecting with you![/text][divider_2 color=”#25cbed”]

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The first thing that happens at a Weekend of Growth is relationship. Ashley will help you grow personally as a leader. He can help in your personal projects and relationships. The Kingdom of God is made up of relationships that are authentic. This the key to a successful weekend.


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Church marketing has began to improve over the years but it still has a way to go. Ashley has been on the cutting edge of church marketing for years and he can help add value by coming up with specific strategies for reaching new people and helping those people return.


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Money follows ministry! Ashley can help you think through how to increase church finances. He’s helped some of the largest non-profits in the world raise finances. He understands what it takes to fundraise and can help you do the same.


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Every church has a culture. Ashley can help you define your church culture and your leadership culture. Leadership is key to growing your local church. Whether you are developing an org chart or a volunteer army, Ashley can add thoughts, ideas, and concepts that can boost your local church leadership.


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[text]Checkout this video to see how Ashley can add value to your local church![/text][divider_2 color=”#25cbed”]


[text]Check out what these church leaders had to say about their experience with Ashley & The Growth Weekend![/text][divider_2 color=”#25cbed”]

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