Ashley’s heart passion is to inspire and empower people from every generation to walk in their God-given purpose and destiny.

Ashley has been involved in ministry since 1995. Serving as a worship leader, youth pastor, college pastor, creative pastor, church planter, and lead pastor he understands the importance of building the local church and being planted in God’s house.

Coming from a very difficult background of addiction, Ashley has the unique ability to connect with people at a heart level because of God’s radical restoration he experienced in his own life.

Ashley has a passion for leadership, communicating God’s word, and church creative. He’s been able to add value to many ministries and churches across the nation as a speaker and creative consultant. Ashley has had the honor of working with ministries such as Ashley Evans, Influencers Church Global, Danny Chambers, John Gray, Kong Hee, Jack Graham, Matthew Barnett, Los Angeles Dream Center, WorldVision, and many others. His goal is to help build your local congregation in a creative, Spirit-driven, and life-giving way.

Most recently, Ashley has written his first book called Getting Up. This book is a plan to true restoration and fulfilling your destiny. It helps people who have been marred by sin and choices that have seemingly ruined their life to GET UP and experience the full restoration available through Jesus Christ. Matthew Barnett calls it, “One of the best books on restoration I’ve ever read” and has used it in the discipleship program at the Los Angeles Dream Center. Many other churches and treatment centers have used this as a valuable resource in helping people get up and move forward.